Restoring Our Faith (in Elements of Humanity)

Cieszyn to Vojkovice: Monday 03 July 2017

Today has been beautiful so far; and Czechia is making a wonderful first impression. Clearly, in this part, more unspoilt – and with a nice amount of space devoted to harvesting solar energy. Trees in the hedgerows rather than being torn down as a ‘hazard’ or to make more space for chemical crops – or whatever excuse they conjure for cutting down ever more of our tree breddren.

It’s 5:15pm, with 149.47km on the clock (48.2km today) and 11 hours 11 minutes of riding (3 hours 21 minutes today). A kindly lady has allowed us to pitch our tent on her land for the night, make use of her yard for the bikes, and sit on the chairs she brings out to us as we’re preparing dinner. We feel just great.

With a cacophony of bird calls coming from an orchard to the West, a view of a copse to the North, fields, sheep and mountains to the East, and the discrete protection of a bush for us to secrete our tent behind to the South: yep, we happy 😁


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