Michal & Zuza

Valašské Meziřící to Valašské Klobouky: Wednesday 05 July 2017

Up: 7:45am. 22ºC. 208.93km covered. 15 hours 41 minutes 16 seconds riding done.

Destination: Valašské Klobouky

13:10. 29.5ºC. 240.62km covered. 17 hours 40 minutes 47 seconds riding done.

Destination: lunch 😃


Michal: our mountain-trail-climbing hero.

424 metres plus Kraków above sea level.


50km/h downhill: “Yee-harr!” Bee. Face. Bee. Mouth. Bee. Ouch!


273.53km covered in total;  64.6km for the day; 20 hours 15 minutes 09 seconds of riding in total.


A yummy warm welcome of apricot dumplings thrust into hand on arrival.

Protective dog from Mexico who decided to adopt me 🐾

Didn’t help with the harvesting, though the human dynamo that is Michal was straight in and at it 😵

Me: contaminating the drinking water in our canteens with my under-rehearsed showering-in-the-tent technique 😨

Thunder and lightning all night in the mountains (at a present altitude of Kraków plus 111 metres)!

A magical, beautiful region.

An amazing day of amazing experiences.

Thank you Michal and Zuza: this day belongs to you.


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