Valašské Klobouky to Biskupice: Thursday 06 July 2017

Almost done packing
Sunny 19.5ºC
273.53km covered
20 hours 15 minutes 09 seconds saddle-time
2,851 metres ascended since Kraków

Wet tent (outside)

Destination question-mark.

A few figures and word-flashes

The more there is to write, the less is written.


“One breakfast.”

And another one.

“One coffee.”

And another one.

“Oh, and a tea.”


Is it possible for a bicycle tourer to eat too much?


One thing I’m learning or feeling is, as opposed to frequent short stops, the benefit of fewer but more substantial ones.

1:26pm. The bill’s paid. The tent that we had taken out again to dry while we ate – thanks for the tip, Zuza 😀 – is now in the dry bag (and actually dry). The basic destinations – today: Salas (42km); tomorrow: Paclavice (45km); Saturday: Brno (47km) – have been agreed upon, and we’re ready to go; so two more nights under canvas before we have the offer of a place in Brno for a night (hopefully two), where we can go and enjoy a night in Czechia’s second largest city (know nothing more of it than that).



let’s put some k on the clock



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