Only for the Headstrong


A Grammar of Contemporary Polish by Oscar E. Swan


Valiant attempt to try and systemise this language, but this is turgid stuff only for those with a history or interest in linguistics. Likely to fly way over the head of anyone outside of that realm and far. too. much. information for even a keen learner of the language – which I am.

I speak as a learner at B1 level and as a language teacher, so am not unfamiliar with either the target language or the linguisitic terminology used, but this is far too much to process and I am uncertain how this can be used as either a learning-tool or as a reference book.

Maybe one day it’ll find its place, but as of yet, it hasn’t – and has been sacked in Chapter 3, after skipping through much of Chapter 2 and persevering through Chapter 1.

Approach with caution.