Ugly Writing for an Ugly Philosophy


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand


Having read the book, I felt used, abused and, above all, dirty.

Fair play, half a star for hammering home a philosophy in a work of fiction, but the point is hammered and, regardless of your perception of this philosophy, you’re sure to feel bludgeoned by the overwrought pitch of the text.

Also, have half a star for providing an insight into what the humane part of the human world is up against, as these thoughts continue to infest contemporary mainstream discourse and inform much of the unpleasantness and blind self-interest therein: the superiority of the human, the superiority of men, the superiority of one over another, the sense of having an almost divine right to subjugate and rule, natural subservience of others, the deserving rich, the deserving poor, etc, etc. Of course, there is no thought given to the rest of the living world. In fact, there is very little given – least of all heart.

Unfortunately, a half-point shall have to be deducted for spreading the view that those needing recourse to Social Security are parasites and then taking advantage of such Social Security and Medicare in her later years.

Obviously, she wasn’t preaching to the converted with me and was in no way near to converting me – more like crystallising my view that such perceptions are poison served with ill-intent – so what’s the point if you’re not already thinking about joining the choir?

If you want to see the real-life consequences of unfettered capitalism devoid of conscience, read ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck: a book written by a writer rather than an extended rant by a fantasist.