Navigating the Site

As with all things in life, this site is a continual work-in-progress.

At the moment, what you’ll find in the ‘About’ section are various pages about ‘The Site’, ‘The Journey’, ‘Us’ and how to ‘Contact’ us.

In the ‘Tales’ section you’ll find the stories told as we passed through the times and places we’ve had the privilege to experience as we continue along our merry meander.

In the ‘Gallery’ section you’ll find moments, experiences, places and people that capture and colour this path that we’re on.

In ‘Inspirations’, you’ll find further on the thoughts and ideas that have fuelled us in some way along the way.

As time and our journey continue to evolve, this site will no doubt continue to develop and evolve. For now, hopefully you’ll enjoy a little of what you find here and get a little picture of our life – experienced with our bicycles.

If you have any feedback about individual posts or the site in general, please feel free to comment or to contact us directly here.