Forêt Domaniale de la Londe-Rouvray to La Chapelle-Hareng [Part 2]: Monday 07 August 2017

decamped, rode, pushed and fought our way through, over and down
a dense forest trail
rode a beautiful forest trail
arrived at a new wave neo-pagan peace tree
had breakfast, had coffee
and became one with all of this




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The Breath Within a Verse

Forêt Domaniale de la Londe-Rouvray to La Chapelle-Hareng [Part 1]: Monday 07 August 2017

The silence as night turns to day. The call-and-response harmonies of the owls are silenced for another shift from the Sun, and they return to their hallowed chambers of repose and security, secure from the terrors we diurnalites welcome with glee. How we take for granted the joy of passing into day and into the hours where there is less darkness for the imagination to illuminate.

The daylight shift tentatively begin stretching and warming their vocal chords. The lazy chatter from the far-from-yet fully roused winding themselves up. Only the cockerel sounds like he woke as a Jack released from its box (only, we all know they have a cheeky warm up about 90 minutes before the curtain’s due to rise). The soothing lethargy of the other members of the Dawn Chorus, though, is still coming together as a spring being gently wound, harnessing the energy required to release the most joyful ode to life.

The night-shift has truly gone. The day-shift is returning, amongst it I am one. That 40 minutes of silence, a deathly hallowed pause, I felt the life that filled it, the energies it binds: full of all we are and what we’re meant to be.

Life goes on eternal. Shift and change. Repeat.

With no more rhyme than reason
That is the form we take
One note amongst the man
One breath within a verse


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Rouen to Forêt Domaniale de la Londe-Rouvray: Sunday 06 August 2017

11:19. Rouen. Chill morning after a beautiful day and evening. Rested, relaxed and ready for a pretty chill day’s riding, with no goal except finding a nice place to camp on our way to our next Warmshowers’ hosts, who we plan to make our way to some time tomorrow afternoon.




🤣The View that Wasn’t Worth It 🤣



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