The Day a Life was Taken

Les Cassieres to Forest-before-Feneu [Part 2]: Saturday 12 August 2017

Don’t sell life for a machine.
The only thing that gains is a machine.

All that is lost is life.

Machines mediate humanity.

People do not humanise machines;
machines mechanise humans.

All that is lost is life.



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Twists and Turns

Aachen to Asse [Part 2]: Monday 17 July 2017


machines are great…

Lifts to Platforms One to Eight at Aachen Station: no problem.

…when they’re working.

Lift Nine, with two/three minutes to go until the train departs: out of order.



To avoid embarrassment, confusion, trepidation and frustration when using their otherwise efficient railway network, I would advise Deutsche Bahn to instigate standardisation training for the staff who provide tickets and ticket information.

Having said that, why are all the carriages raised above or are lower than the level of the platform? Not easy to get fully laden bikes on and off; and what about wheelchair users or parents with prams or pushchairs?


16:00. Brussels.

Change of plan. We’re bicycle tourers again.


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