The Site

As a photographer and a writer, once my partner and I had decided to travel around the world on bicycles, it was logical that a blog would accompany it – to give an outlet to our created experiences, and a context and form for the sporadic writer to focus his attention on.

But, until either were begun, both were fancies unframed by experience.

As the journey unfolded and the journal developed, the questions and challenges thrown up therein – practical, philosophical, whimsical – became increasingly, inseparably, indistinguishably entwined so that they themselves defined the stories and the form this site would take.

Subsequently, it has become a collection of the collections of pieces that together tell the tales of Tracing Horizons, from inception to birth to living this life. Each piece is a quest, solution, or reflection that colours the trail from here to here.

All of which reflect a human’s condition; a human experience. All of which have had to be expressed, to be shared, as another person tries to make sense of their place within the world: and will hopefully speak to more than one voice – recognisable by all at some point along life’s path – and therefore be of interest beyond the person and their muse.

As we travel on, literally and figuratively, we’ll continue to document our experiences through images and words – which may resonate beyond our shared world into our shared worlds to make us all a little less stranger.