An Entertaining Ride in the Familiar and the Fantastic


Ubik by Philip K Dick


An entertaining read that races you along to a finish that is relatively conventional and predictable for Dick, which, in its way, is quite unexpected.

A novel idea, however, where the unconventional is set in a conventional-enough setting in order for it to remain convincing. The story is fast-moving, as you are propelled along by a rapidly aroused and ever-increasing curiosity as to how it will all tie together. And this it does, which, though a tad predictably, will make it a journey satisfying for many. I, for one, didn’t feel cheated at explanations being given for the fantastic events that had gone on before.

In my view, it’s a fairly standard story-line transposed to a more fantastical setting and, while it is well-executed and very entertaining, I wouldn’t say it ever reaches the heights of ‘A Scanner Darkly’, whose message and story transcends time and space much more effectively.

Still, an entertaining read that should leave few disappointed.